the supermarket magic

The Brief: create a distinctive universe for Jumbo, a portuguese supermarket chain.
The idea: The logo is an elephant. Let's recreate the circus imagery, through the eyes of a child. For the mother, there's a different kind of magic.
The result: A sweet video, with a magic mood, proving you don't have to be boring when you're advertising supermarkets.

the olympic press

The Brief: It is a world-known fact the portuguese are terrible with Mathematics. BES wants to help change that perception and supports the portuguese Math-athletes.
The Idea: Let's cross the olympics imagery with the mathematicians' universe. We came up with two different approaches, one more visual and the other one a bit smarter.
The result: Two different press ads, both congratulating the team on the good results. One, with the sweat-board reads: "It was worth the effort".  The other one speaks for itself.

the wordplay press

The Brief: Armindo Ara├║jo is a Portuguese pilot who runs the WRC in production category. He is supported by Galp Formula, a motor oil brand. We want to congratulate him for winning 2-times in a row.
The idea: Formula can mean secret. Let's use it in the headline and make a pun with the victory.
The result: Two press ads one the client adored "The formula to walk in the clouds", and one the agency loved: "If we keep going like this, we'll need to create a new formula. Of champagne."

the precise location sign

Brief: Translate the "German-ess" in a location sign in Lisbon. The stand is a little bit off-road, so they wanted to be pretty clear about the location.
The idea: Let's street-view it and measure precisely how far it is from the sign.
The pay-off: German precision is exactly 3, 14615 kms ahead.

the continuity campaign

Brief: create product executions to continue the institutional campaign. To sell Weight Loss, Anti-Smoking and Vitamins Counseling;
Insight: When you want a smoke, a cake or a sleep-cure, go to the pharmacy;
Pay-off: If it does you good, it's in the pharmacy.